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“Love isn’t something you find. Love is something that finds you.”

Love, such a small word, yet a vast meaning behind it. It can make or break your entire future. The true purpose of life is love. Even if you are a successful business person and you don’t have anyone to love, cherish, spend your nights in the warm embrace of your loved one, life would be meaningless. Where are you going to spend so much money? On whom are you going to spend so much money on? You might be happy financially, but your soul would still be left starving to be loved and to return love as much as possible. MyTopMatchMaker® is going to help you replace that hollowness in your chest which only a life partner can fulfil.

Are you tired of searching for a soul mate or don’t have time for it? Tired of going on meaningless dates, only to be disappointed later on? Or maybe, you’re just looking for a second chance at love. Well, look no more, as you have come to the right place! MyTopMatchMaker® has pioneers all over your community, constantly consulting hundreds of amazing personalities and quality characters nothing short of excellence. In this day and generation, we all know how finding love can be extremely tedious, disappointing and sometimes, even the will to find it is lost and people lose all hope.

So why don’t you let us do all the hard work and find a perfect match for you, so that you can stay stress free and relax. We will take care of you and your love life, just surrender yourself into our capable hands and expect nothing but happiness gracing your future from now onwards. We will bring you 100% honest and top quality matches suited best to your interests and needs. And, besides, what better place other than MyTopMatchMaker® can you go to? After all we do have 23 years of unprecedented industry experience in our field! We have matched thousands and thousands of couples successfully, so don’t hesitate, just glide your mouse over to the little red button which will mark the start of your exciting journey of finding true love with the extensive help of the exceptional services of MyTopMatchMaker®

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Why we started MyTopMatchMaker®

The idea behind this beautiful website originated from two people, who found their second chance at love. They were both divorced, but instead of losing hope, the need to love and be loved was strongly present, which eventually drove them to each other and they couldn’t help but get swept off their feet and jump into the beautiful abyss that is love.

The founders were so grateful for their second chance that they couldn’t help but want everybody to share the same experience and embark on a beautiful journey as theirs. Now the question was where could they do this? Florida was calling out their name. From the young and active to the retirees, everybody deserved a chance at love, and what better place than Florida, with its serene surroundings and astounding beaches, the whole setting just screams romance. But Florida was just a start. They didn’t stop there, not one bit. Instead they extended their expertise and extended their horizon to different countries and cities. This is how Scottsdale and Tucson soon followed Florida’s lead. And not long after, Naples and Sarasota with their beautiful and vast landscapes were hot on their trails.

14th February, 2014. The blissful day when this idea evolved into reality and gained popularity within just a few months. Their message was loud and clear, calling out to everybody with unique and extraordinary services. The proof lied within 5 couples who got engaged in the first year and one beautiful and unexpected romance which shocked the couple itself when they vowed themselves to each other, in sickness and in health, till death do us apart, within just a few weeks of getting aquainted. The ceremony was just as beautiful, overlooking a gorgeous and breathtaking Floridian sunset. Now that we have told you our story, it’s your turn next! Surrender yourself to love and let us help you passionately search for your true love. If you want to open your arms to the new way of dating etiquettes and a world filled with an adventurous journey and promising experiences, book yourself a free consultation!